The Interactive App for Your Church’s Christmas Service

When you buy Handbell Hero, you receive many extras for creating the ultimate gamified experience, along with the customized app that turns every congregant into a rock star!

Looking to create a unique experience for your service this Christmas?


Get Handbell Hero!


This custom interactive game will make every member of your congregation a member of the worship band this Christmas.


Want to give Handbell Hero a spin?

Follow these steps:

  1. Download this existing version of the app.
  2. Click on “Game.”
  3. Get ready to rock!


How It Works


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Reach out to our team for a consult to talk about how Handbell Hero can work for your Christmas services.


Work with our software team to optimize Handbell Hero for your congregation.


Handbell Hero will be ready in time for your Christmas services to provide a fun, unique experience for your church this year!



  • Everything from Basic tier
  • Themed to match your website or Christmas theme
  • Unique camera filter/overlay
  • Custom seating chart map
  • Custom app icon
  • Works with multiple campuses
  • Good for one holiday, unlimited services
  • 2 hours of support/training
  • 2 additional feature requests
  • Distributed under your church’s app store account
  • Prompts to ask for basic contact info (optional)


  • Everything from Custom tier
  • Good for extended holiday
  • 4 hours of support/training
  • 3 additional feature requests
  • Intregreated into your existing church app


Watch Handbell Hero in action and see how it can add to your Christmas worship experience!

Click the link below to see an actual application of how Handbell Hero works during an actual Christmas service.


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